Friday, February 23, 2007

Ground Ring "Ufer" Rod

Somehow we missed the new City requirement of the Ufer Ground rod that's supposed to go in the foundation. But once you've poured it, you can't stick a 20 foot copper wire inside a concrete foundation underground. So we dug a new trench all the way around the house and set up a standard ground ring. That piece of paper taped to the plumbing drain is the "Passed" electrical inspection by the city indicating the ground rod was installed to code (the hard way).

One thing the contractors did for the project, as they're aware that it's a Green Building, and I told them about LEED certification - they used recycled crushed concrete for all the site work. As it turns out, it's cheaper than some of the alternatives, and it is a recycled product, going along with the ethos of the project.

This is a photo of the slab, just sitting out there waiting patiently for the framers to show up and build the structure. Where you see the plastic tubes sticking up is the radiant floor heating tubes, beyond that is the second unit, over on the right. It'll make more sense once the framers have started...

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